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This site is the outcome of a research I conducted on the roots of my family a decade ago.

It consolidates information I gathered about the family from different sources.

The Abou Rjeily family initially originated from Mount Lebanon in the 17th Century and spread across the continents.

All Abou Rjeilys worldwide are the descendants of Atallah Abou Rjeily who lived around 1712.

Atallah had four sons: Elias, Farès, Yaghi and Dib.

Abou Rjeily name is spelled differently across the countries:

  • In Lebanon and Canada: Abou Rjeily, Bourjeily, Abourgely, Bourgely, Bourgeili, Bou Rjaili
  • In the USA: Bourjaily, Aborjaily
  • In Brazil: Abou-Rejaile (Habramoun, xxx), Bourjeily (Bhamdoun, Ivaipora), Abou Rjaili (Bahamdoun, Sao Paolo), Borjaille (xxx, Vila Velha - State of Espirito Santo)
  • In Cuba: Aborlleile
  • In Argentina: Aburllaily (Wadi Bnehley, Tucuman), Burllaile (Kfar Zabad, Buenos Aires and Mar Del Plata), Buryaile (Kfar Zabad, Buenos Aires and Mar Del Plata) and Aburgeily (Cordoba, not connected to the tree yet).

A Facebook family group can be accessed on https://www.facebook.com/groups/2240486427/

A graphical family tree and index can be accessed on http://familytrees.genopro.com/josephab10/abourjeily/

The family tree is updated online. If you want to add yourself to it, please contact the site administrator: Joseph Abou Rjeily .

I am Joseph Iskandar Kaisar Elias Mitri Abdallah Yared Naoum Nemr Fares Atallah Abou Rjeily