Abou Rjeily Family Index

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The complete updated tree and index are available on http://familytrees.genopro.com/josephab10/abourjeily/ . Many names are still missing. The Abou Rjeily Index was rebuilt based on the 1954 tree.

The Abou Rjeilys shown in the tree below contributed to update the family index. They showed great enthusiasm and greatly supported in completing the branches with the missing names.


Thank You

Family Tree Builders

Figure: Abou Rjeily, Bourjaily, Aborjaily contributors to the update of the family site

All the leafs were introduced into a genealogy application called Genopro and published on the Internet. Then, Abourjeilys, from across the continents, helped in adding the names of the persons who were born after 1954 and the persons whose names never figured in the tree of 1954.

Important branches of the family live in the United States, Brazil and Argentina since the 19th century. They lost their connections with their remote relatives in Lebanon. Many of those branches were successfully linked to the tree.