Archbishop Agapios Abou Rjeily (1882-1967)

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Agapios Abou Rjeily was the Melkite Greek Catholic Archbishop of Tyre (Lebanon)  from 3 Nov 1933 to 1 May 1967.

He is Agapios / Hassan / Abdallah / Yared / Naoum / Nemr / Fares / Atallah Abou Rjeily.

He had six siblings: two sisters and four brothers: Saydeh and Emilia, Daoud, Dib, Youssef and Father Boutros.

Agapios was raised in the Melkite Greek Catholic Faith within the Basilian Salvatorian Order, Arrouhbaniat Albassiliat Almoukhalissiat (Melkite Greek)

الرّهبانيّة الباسيليّة المخلصيّة.

He was born in Serjbeil (Chouf, Mount Lebanon) on 1 August 1982. He passed away on 1 May 1967.

He was ordained priest on 8 September 1907 and consecrated Bishop on 3 December 1933.

3 November 1933 - 15 October 1965: Metropolitan Archbishop on Tyr of the Greek-Melkites

15 October 1965 - 11 May 1967: Titular Archbishop of Tarsus of the Greek-Melkites (Cilicia I, Turkey)

Agapios Abou Rjeily